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Lip Balm Cacao 15ml

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This soothing lip balm is made with an organic blend of coconut oil that will leave your lips feeling nourished, hydrated and soothed. It's delicious chocolate smell will make you want to eat it, and it's natural ingredients mean that you even can!

organic bee products, marula, cocoa butter, cocos nucifera coconut oil

Apply liberally to lips, the balm will absorb quickly, leaving you with fresh and hydrated skin. 

This natural product has:

- Organic ingrediants

- No Parabens

- No Artifical colours

- Wasn't tested on animals

- No Mineral oils

Note: The consistency of coconut oil will change with variations in temperature. Store in a warm place when cold for ease of use. 

If you purchase other products, lip balm can be posted free. To post on its own is an additional charge.